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Daily News Stuff 16 June 2019

Thank You For Your Feedback Edition

Tech News

  • The New York subway runs on OS/2.  (Tedium)

    And graft.  Mostly graft.  The parts that actually work, though, those run on OS/2.

  • Inside a Supermicro 48-port 100GbE switch.  (Serve the Home)

    We find: A power supply, six cooling fans, and a 48-port 100GbE switch chip.

    Also, could they not have made the whole case just one inch deeper?

  • YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest's ham-fisted censorship efforts are drawing attention beyond the usual tech circles.  (PJ Media)

    YouTube explained to James O'Keefe what triggered the censorship: It was the inclusion of a key piece of documentary evidence proving Pinterest's own fraudulent censorship.

    Democracy dies in Darkness, they say, and new media and old media alike are here to make sure of it.

Video of the Day

This guy is no dummy.

Disclaimer: Thank you for your feedback.  It will be given all due consideration and then shot through the gizzard and left out back next to the dumpster.

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