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Daily News Stuff 12 May 2019

Help Whom Edition

Tech News

  • Mark Zuckerberg says breaking up Facebook isn't going to help.  (Tech Crunch)

    Perhaps not, but it would be hilarious.

  • Dear Facebook, please stop helping.  (The Atlantic)

    Facebook's core principles of radical inconsistency and guerrilla censorship make it hard to track down violent extremists, in this case, Syrian war criminals.

  • Never trust experts.  (The Atlantic)

    The article brings up Paul Ehrlich in the first paragraph, so you know the author is out for blood.  An interesting tidbit: Over the timeframe where Ehrlich predicted that famines would explode to kill hundreds of millions, deaths by famine declined by 95%.

  • GitHub has a new tool to automatically build Ruby, Java, .NET, and (ugh) NPM packages from your source code.  (ZDNet)

    This is handy.  Crystal (yeah, that again) makes this very easy, particularly if your code is on GitHub.  Having so much stuff centralised on one platform owned by Microsoft does make me a little queasy, but better there than Google.  Not something I thought I'd be saying ten years ago.  Or probably even five.

Anime Screenshots of the Day

Fair enough.

I thought that was Chiitan for a second, but it's actually the official town mascot Shinjokun, Chiitan's older brother who is married and doesn't end up in jail twice a month.

Disclaimer: It's basically Black Mirror Shopping Arcade Pretty Cure.

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