Friday, June 29


Daily News Stuff 29 June 2018

Tech News

  • Exactis (whoever they are) leaks personal info of every adult and business in the United States.

  • Europe says you all go to jail.  All of you.  Everyone.  GDPR says so.

  • Anandtech shows what faster RAM can do for AMD's Ryzen APUs.  Turns out to be quite a lot, depending on the application.  A 2200G with fast RAM can outrun a 2400G with slow RAM on both gaming and productivity.

    That makes DDR5 - due out in 2020 - and LPDDR4X - available today, but currently used only in phones, not personal computers - even more interesting.  Anandtech's tests went up to 3466 MHz.  LPDDR4X starts at 3733 MHz and goes up to 4266; DDR5 will be even faster.

  • Benq offers an affordable 32" 4K DCI-P3 HDR display except the HDR is not very...  H.  Doesn't actually meet the entry-level HDR standard. 

    Still, DCI-P3 is nice if you haven't seen one before.  It can show colours that you don't normally see on an LCD screen.  (Recent iMacs are also DCI-P3.)

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