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  • GVPE 3.1 is out.  (Phoronix)

    GVPE stands for GNU Virtual Private Ethernet; it lets you securely connect multiple servers over the internet on a virtual local network, without a central VPN host.

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Picture of the Day

Traveller by _LM7_

Video of the Day

An American ex-pat goes on a snack raid in an Aussie 7-11.

Chicken Twisties aren't all that good.  Go for the cheese flavour every time.  Although those definitely get messies all over your fingers.

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1  I understand that .Gab are claiming to have an alternate server now, but I have no news source on this. This is a screencap of a screencap attached (I don't have a Gab account.)

         Boing Boing's take on both the deplatforming affair and Gab's condemnation of the shooting was particularly...I don't know WHAT you'd call this...
I'm pretty I  sure that this is slime-talk for "Lordy, don't kick us off our servers or otherwise shut us down."
Gab's proclamation of love for free speech doesn't seem to extend to anyone that has anything resembling criticism for their online community.
From Gizmodo:
...Gab’s Twitter account has spent much of the day attacking critics, calling the New York Times’ Mike Isaac a "smug inner city elitist,” accusing BuzzFeed of being racist against white people, and calling Twitter "one giant cesspool of Jew-hating lunatics.”
So Gab's frequently asinine criticizing of their critics via... speech the same as their being shut down. I don't like Gab. I don't use Gab. Gabbitonians give me hives. But this Orwellian crap is creeping me out.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Monday, October 29 2018 12:37 PM (Oqyrj)

2 I have a Gab account (I have an everything account).  Don't use it much, though.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, October 29 2018 12:41 PM (PiXy!)

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Apple pies are delicious. But never mind apple pies. What colour is a green orange?

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