Saturday, February 28


When Chrome's Sixty-Four

Well, no crashes in a week.  The problem seems to be isolated to Chrome 40.0.2214.115 32-bit with hardware acceleration enabled, plus something specific about my combination of Windows, my Radeon HD 7950, and its drivers and / or firmware.

This started (near as I can tell) when Chrome updated itself, and stopped when I turned off hardware acceleration.  After updating to 64-bit Chrome and having a couple of days of stable operation, I turned hardware acceleration back on - and I've had another couple of days of stability.

Which is good, because this is my primary machine for work, and I typically have about 15 apps and a total of 100 tabs open at any given time, not to mention a couple of Linux virtual machines each with their own sets of applications.*

Having it crash every day is like trying to build a house when once a day, bam, all your tools and supplies and whatever you were working on in the last hour suddenly scatter themselves all over the lot.  The fact that nothing is broken and you can pick everything up and start again is beside the point; sooner or later you are going to say to hell with this and take up a job farming potatoes.

* That's why I bought a system with 8 cores, 32GB of RAM, and a 960GB SSD.  The Radeon 7950, though, that was for Mass Effect.

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1 I've noticed some rendering artifacts in Chrome, some very severe, on a few ad laden sites recently. Then, poof, the rendering artifacts have disappeared. I wasn't sure if it was the ads, the site itself or Chrome that was corrected. Given your problems, I'm starting to suspect Chrome.

Posted by: Ken in NH at Monday, March 02 2015 06:54 AM (0Y1hO)

2 Chrome messes up Instapundit if you have scaling enabled - which I do, since I have a 4K monitor now.  Not badly, but it's obviously wrong and works fine in Firefox.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, March 02 2015 02:32 PM (2yngH)

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