Wednesday, July 29


Nexus Qi

So my Nexus 5 disintegrated.  The material around the edge of the phone got scratched, probably from being stuffed into my pocket along with my headphones,* and then cracked and flaked off in bigger and bigger pieces, until finally the back started to detach and it couldn't find its SIM card any more and little bits of electronics started to fall out.

So I kind of needed a new phone.

I have a Sony Xperia Z Ultra, but that's too big; it lives in my notebook bag to serve as a mini tablet and 4G / Wifi hotspot.  So it was back to my Nexus 4, which is made of solid glass all the way through and so is still pretty much as-new.

The only problem is that...  Well, two problems.  Three.  One, it only has 16GB of storage, which is not enough.  Two, it's a superfluid, like liquid helium, and will not just slide off a level surface to fall on the floor, but will slide uphill to do so.**

And three, the USB port is a bit fiddly, which means at some point it will suffer the fate of my original Nexus 7 and I won't be able to charge it any more.***

If only it had shipped with wireless charging, so I could just plop it down on this wireless charging pad that is no longer in use by my Nexus 5 and HEY!

The Nexus 4 supported Qi wireless charging?  Did they, like, mention that to anyone?

* Sennheiser PX 100-II.

** Nexus 4 owners will know what I mean.  The glass back makes it the slipperiest phone in existence.  The edge is textured so you don't drop it, but when you put it down on any level surface it will swiftly migrate to the nearest available edge and make good its escape.

*** Until I went out and bought a wireless charging pad to see if that helped - and it did.

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