Wednesday, September 02


It's A Machine That Goes Ding

How to build a perfect website.

  • Use PHP or Node.JS.
  • Use a heavyweight Javascript client framework unless you know precisely why you need it.
  • Use templates that mix code and layout.
  • Ignore common edge cases. If your site looks lousy on an iPad, you have a problem.
And yes, we don't currently score very well on this list. Knowing what to do doesn't automatically grant the time in which to do it. neutral

A lot of the "do" items are Swiss army knives.  MongoDB/TokuMX, RethinkDB, uWSGI, Nginx and Redis all have a ton of functionality beyond the obvious.  Semantic UI has a surprising feature set for such a new project.  And Elastisearch makes search painless.  All of them are worth knowing about, even if you don't need them for a current project.

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