Thursday, August 27


Himouto Umaru-Chan Ep 8

That was really good.

This show shouldn't work as well as it does.  It's a stupid little one-joke gag manga.    I'll have to see if I can find the manga itself (yep), because the anime does something rather clever with that: The joke isn't the joke, and they never actually tell the real joke, they just let you catch glimpses of it.  And it never stops being funny.

And all the while, they're busy trotting out tired old cliche comedy characters and turning them into real people so deftly you hardly notice at first.

I gave the first episode a 3 out of 5, when I expected it to be a 2 at best.  By episode 5 it was a solid 4. This latest episode was a 4.5.


Update: I just read the two of the chapters that made up episode 8.  All the material is there in the manga, but I like the anime a lot better.  And there's enough material in the manga for a second season (they're currently on chapter 41 out of 119), so I'm hoping it does well enough for that to happen.

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