Wednesday, February 04


Public Service Announcement

Dave Barry's blog has a post up that reads:

Here's a fun art project.

You do not want to click on that link.

When you do not click on that link, you will thank me for this warning.

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1 ROFLMAO That's wonderful in a weird sort of way! After delivery of our firstborn, I picked up the baggie containing the placenta and the nurses were horrified that I was looking at it.

Posted by: Ted at Wednesday, February 04 2004 05:26 PM (blNMI)

2 New Personal Blog Reading Rule: Read the entire post before clicking on links. There may be useful and valuable warnings within the text!

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at Wednesday, February 04 2004 07:33 PM (UquFN)

3 Thank's for the warning. I shall not click the link.

Posted by: Anonymous coward at Wednesday, February 04 2004 11:48 PM (8+XGc)

4 OK, so I disobeyed you and now I find I cannot eat. Ever again. Lesson learned: never disobey Pixy.

Posted by: Simon at Thursday, February 05 2004 01:12 AM (UKqGy)

5 <yawn> With a warning like that, I expect something like or

Posted by: What, You Expect My Real Name For Something This Dumb? at Thursday, February 05 2004 06:19 AM (9KShA)

6 I did not click. In Pixy I trust.... ;P

Posted by: Susie at Thursday, February 05 2004 03:20 PM (0+cMc)

7 I clicked. I hit the stop button the moment I saw the page title.

Posted by: Kathy K at Friday, February 06 2004 01:55 PM (rznhJ)

8 Did the same thing as Kathy. That'll teach me not to trust Pixy Misa.

Posted by: scott h. at Friday, February 06 2004 02:40 PM (d8Baf)

9 I didn't click here. I did, unfortunatly, click when this was on Dave Barry's blog. On the good side, I should be losing weight really quick now...

Posted by: Wonderduck at Friday, February 06 2004 03:16 PM (0SrUW)

10 Still isn't as gross as placenta stew. No, I have not tried it.

Posted by: Geoff Matthews at Friday, February 06 2004 08:20 PM (fYuQT)

11 I clicked - should've listened to Pixy!

Posted by: Arik at Friday, February 06 2004 08:42 PM (IEg/p)

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