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1 That article on the Biden regime reports and policies is a perfect encapsulation, in my view, of bureaucracy and hearsay. But, if I need 1d8 thousand words to explain my thinking, perhaps I am simply confused?

The people who are a contributing cause of the problem want to make it go away from the public eye.  They perhaps cannot allow the problem to be fixed.  Their available means cannot fix the problem. 

So they have staff sort reports, and identified a course of action that seems plausible, and has citations.  It is an option that bureaucracy can purport to act on. 

It is also deeply useless, and will not have effect.  C and Fortran are memory unsafe languages that fed gov needs to use for very specific applications, where you have screwed up badly and grossly if memory safety is a serious security problem.  (C is aviation software.  I understand that high performance scientific computing may still be using a lot of Fortran, or etc.)

Computers are potentially a great labor savings, but we were stupid in some of our automation choices, and for security we should just do them manually. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Friday, March 01 2024 12:01 AM (r9O5h)

2 Shocked they didn't endorse visual basic dot net plusplus.

Posted by: normal at Friday, March 01 2024 06:51 AM (K4jh7)

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