Thursday, December 19


Why Little Bobby Tables Can't Count

The Huffington Post* has an interesting article on why counting operations are slower on good databases than bad ones.  It's by one of the engineers at Tokutek, who develop TokuMX - and yes, count() requests are slower in TokuMX than MongoDB.

It doesn't sound like there's any fundamental problem with implementing counted trees to improve count performance, just that the finer the lock grain and the higher the throughput of your database, the higher the overhead per operation of maintaining those counts - because you'd be maintaining multiple overlapping versions of the counts simultaneously.

Which is not insoluble, just icky.

* Of all places.

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1 Thumbs up for the XKCD reference.

Posted by: GreyDuck at Friday, December 20 2013 12:37 AM (CUkqs)

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