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So, Apple had a thing, and at their thing they announced the new iPad Mini with Retina Display and Cheese.

I have a Nexus 7 and an iPad 3 (the first retina model).*  I use the Nexus 7 constantly, and the iPad, basically, never.

Not because I don't like it - iOS, at least iOS 6, may be more controlling than Android, but the flip side to that is a smoother user experience.  And the screen is simply beautiful.  But it's too large and heavy for what I use the Nexus 7 for - reading, simple games, and quick browsing and email checking.

The first iPad Mini was interesting on that front, but the display resolution was poor even compared to the old Nexus 7, and simply tragic when compared to the newer Nexus.  What I really wanted was for Apple to take the electronics of their high-end model - 2048x1536 display, faster CPU, 128GB storage - and squoosh that into the smaller 7.9" frame of the Mini.

And that's exactly what they've now done.  The iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 are identical except for size.

The new Mini stacks up much better against the Nexus 7.  It's a little heavier - 341g vs. 299g - but it has a significantly larger screen - 2048x1536 vs. 1920x1200 at almost exactly the same pixel density.  So it weighs 14% more, but offers 35% more screen area.

The only problem is the price.  The cheapest iPad Mini 2 costs more than the most expensive Nexus 7.2.  Still, you can't get a 128GB Nexus 7 at any price.

Well, that and iOS 7, of course.  We'll have to see on that one; the screenshots make it look awful, but users don't seem to be that unhappy, for the most part.

* Okay, so I have the original Nexus 7, the new one, the iPad, and a Nexus 10 as well.

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1 I've been joking around, calling iOS 7 the Windows 8 of Apple.  So far nobody I know who's used it has disagreed.
Then again I actually *like* Windows 8.  The start screen's different but I think mostly superior to the start menu, which was crippled in Vista when they took away the expanding menu.

Posted by: RickC at Sunday, October 27 2013 01:41 PM (swpgw)

2 I'm fine with iOS 7, it works fine. No different from the one before, just icons are a bit stylized.

For the record I'm okay with GNOME 3 too. It runs gnome-terminal, what else do you need? Firefox, too!

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Sunday, October 27 2013 02:11 PM (RqRa5)

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