Sunday, May 19


It's Like A Suspension Bridge

It has high points at either end, but sags a bit in the middle.

Season 7.2 of Doctor Who, that is.  I really wish that the 2012 Olympics had gone to Ulan Bator or some place like that, so we'd got two full seasons of Doctor Who instead of two half seasons (five episodes in 2012, and eight now in 2013).*

But The Bells of Saint John and The Name of the Doctor do at least serve as very capable bookends to a somewhat wobbly second half of the season.**

It would have been a dynamite season ending if but there was more than enough to hold fans' attention as it was.

All in all, it's the best kind of ending, one that retroactively improves everything that came before.  We get all too much of the other kind, so Steven Moffat should be applauded for pulling this trick off here.

As a side note: The BBC accidentally shipped out a couple of hundred copies of the season box set on Blu-Ray a week before the finale was set to air.  And still there were no leaks of the surprises in store.

* Doctor Who was cut, apparently, because so much of the BBC was tied up in the Olympics.  Meh, I say.  Meh!  There's another Olympics every four years; there's only one Doctor Who.

** Neil Gaiman's The Doctor's Wife was brilliant; his Nightmare in Silver this season...  Less so.

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