Friday, December 28


System Blargle Blugly

Adaptec 1430SA is contraindicated.*

Reinstalling again, with fewer disks.  Feh.

When my usual computer store reopens on January 2 I'll order a few more parts; for now, I'll just have to struggle along with 4TB of RAID-5 and a 2TB backup drive.

Update: Wow, that made a difference.  System is running far more smoothly now.  As in, it's running better now with the RAID-5 resync under way than it was before with the resync completed but the drives on the 1430SA.  Boo Adaptec!

* It works, insofar as the drives are recognised, and I could partition them, build a RAID array, and get everything running, but I'm seeing SATA bus errors too frequently for my liking, where too frequently equals any at all.  Tried swapping the cables just in case, but no dice, so I ended up yanking that card and reinstalling for the seventh or eighth time.  Feh.

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