Saturday, August 25


Nexus 7 Wishlist 7

  1. 32GB or more of Flash storage. My 16GB model is filling up all too quickly. The current models are 8GB for $199 and 16GB for $249 (US). The 16GB model sold out. A 32GB model at $299 looks like it would pick up a lot of customers.
  2. MicroSD slot. Really. Even if only in the new "pro" 32GB model.
  3. See if you can tweak the colours on the screen a bit. The screen is very sharp, but the colours are a bit dark.


  4. Make the screen even sharper - go to 1920x1200. Yes, at 7". Typography at 1280x800 is good, but not quite there.
  5. Micro-HDMI out.
  6. Stylus.  Don't let the Galaxy Note have it all!


  7. Help Kairosoft get Game Dev Story fixed on Jelly Bean.  Done!
Update: Asus (who make the Nexus 7 for Google) have a 7" tablet which matches most of my needs.  Still 1280x800 and 16GB, but it has micro-SD, micro-HDMI, and a stylus.  Loses points only because it's funny-looking.  If they can make it a bit more Nexusy, I'll buy it.

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