Tuesday, November 06


Calibration Day

Today we find exactly how hopelessly skewed the mainstream media is.*  Ace was commenting on a recent CNN poll that showed Obama and Romney in a tie - with party affiliation at D+11.  Which is crazy; you'd have to have Democrat turnout at levels higher even than 2008, and at the same time have Independents splitting 2:1 in favour of Romney.

The polls and news reports are wrong, we know that.  Today's the day we find out how wrong.

Update: Less wrong than I might have hoped, based on early returns.  Mmf.

Update: The results are in, and while the polls may have been wrong, they weren't that wrong.  It's going to be a long four years.

Meanwhile, in Australia....  Uh, we had a horse race.  With actual horses.

* Is?  Are?  Stupid language.

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1 Are.  Media is the plural of medium.  Newspapers, TV, radio, I'm sure I've bored you by now, heh.

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, November 07 2012 10:21 AM (WQ6Vb)

2 Media are the plural of medium.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, November 07 2012 11:24 AM (PiXy!)

3 Latinate plurals become singularized in English over  time. And that is what is happening right now with media. While some will get uppity about it they are fighting a lost cause. Get used to it folks.
PS.Not falling for the preview trap again.

Posted by: Tombei The Mist at Wednesday, November 07 2012 03:33 PM (hGCqM)

4 Pixy:  I did that on purpose; I'm glad you've internalized it. smile

Posted by: RickC at Wednesday, November 07 2012 11:16 PM (WQ6Vb)

5 Alternatively:  "the word media is the plural form of the word medium."
I know I must be covered with one of those.

Posted by: RickC at Wednesday, November 07 2012 11:17 PM (WQ6Vb)

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