Monday, November 01


It's True!

Well, okay, technically it's not true.

Because it contains hipposudoric acid.  No, really.

And in 1960, 100,000 turkeys were killed in England by aflatoxins, so you're a fine one to talk.

You got off lightly, considering you were eating natto for breakfast.

And your mother wears army boots!

Little known fact: Time Lords are half human, half squid.

Orange sauce!

Technically, of course, it's not milk.

Next time I'm flying Cebu.

But it's the table of contents that you really have to watch out for.

And yet, somehow, they're dumb enough to eat soap.

Well, no, not really.  And I don't think you're a real bean either.

They are also dentally precocious.  Look, it says so right here on the box.

Bad bean.  Bad bad bean.


Forwarded without comment.

How do you shock a chameleon?

Benkyo benkyo benkyo benkyo benkyo chihuahua!

They also glow in the dark.  Or am I thinking of squid again?

Sadly, the truth shall remain forever beyond our grasp.

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1 The character descriptions are amusing, and the slot machine takes careful timing. I eventually managed to win a boiled bean wallpaper; that should confuse a few people around the office.


Posted by: J Greely at Monday, November 01 2010 03:33 AM (2XtN5)

2 I got the peanut.  Wanted the edamame one, though... thanks for this, Pixy!

Posted by: Wonderduck at Monday, November 01 2010 03:22 PM (vW/MM)

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