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Daily News Stuff 29 January 2023

Doom Bat Edition

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  • Now that AMD's low-power Ryzen 7900 (non-X) is out there's never been a better time to build a high-end PC except what's that Lassie the 7900X is faster, cheaper, and comes bundled with 32GB of DDR5 RAM if you buy it from Microcenter?  (WCCFTech)


    The 7900X runs at 170W while the 7900 (without the X) runs at 65W.  Despite using 60% less power, it's only 6% slower on multi-threaded tasks and 3% slower single-threaded.

    On the other hand you can configure the 7900X to a 65W TDP, which turns it into a 7900.

    On the seventeenth hand you can configure the 7900 to run in PBO mode which turns it into a 7900X.

    On the forty-eighth hand, the 7900X comes with 32GB of free RAM.  On the seventy-second hand, the 7900 comes with a fairly good CPU cooler, which is an extra cost on the 7900X.  On the three-hundred and twenty-eighth hand, that cooler is only fairly good and won't suffice if you enable PBO to turn your 7900 into a 7900X anyway.

    Just buy whatever.  It's a good chip.

Tech News

Someone Is Wrong on the Internet Video of the Day

The quickest way to uncover a deeply buried fact is to be confidently wrong about the subject in as embarrassing a manner as possible.

Disclaimer: That goat was just like a goat to me.

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