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Disclaimer: Out of cheese?  How can you be out of cheese?  I gave you cheese yesterday!

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1 Speaking as a Former CEO of Reddit, I recall back around, oh perhaps 2001, lots of people started inserting "I invented ice-cream soup" into their bios.  I suspect "Former CEO of Reddit" might just be the same phenomenon.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, February 24 2024 06:37 PM (bg2DR)

2 Retarded is a pithy shorthand.  It is effective communication.

It is more correct to say learned insanity.  These people maybe would have originally had problems eventually, but were badly abused in tertiary, secondary, and maybe primary school. 

AI alignment is basically trying to automate what we see in humans who reflexively adhere to party truth.  (Which is arguably not real intelligence.  XD )

So it is supported by people who are naturally stupid, or who have learned skills that are actively counter-productive when it comes to understanding human behaviors. 

The behavior of these 'technology' managers is maybe inconsistent with what you would see with, say, Down's. 

By and large, I think people with Down's add much more to society than woke managers. 

Under socialized medicine, a rational government would probably target woke managers for death.  (Though, a truly rational government would probably just scrap socialized medicine as too impractical and destructive.)

Posted by: PatBuckman at Sunday, February 25 2024 03:00 AM (r9O5h)

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