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Daily News Stuff 22 March 2024

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  • Apple is not a monopoly like Windows was a monopoly.  (Tech Crunch)


    Windows succeeded because anyone could develop and sell software for it without having to give Microsoft 30% of every transaction.

  • Oh, and there's this: An security flaw in all Apple Silicon Macs leaks encryption keys if an attacker can get you to run suspect code.  (Ars Technica)

    It's another "side channel" attack; these are subtle and not very efficient but very hard to avoid.  Intel, AMD, and Arm have all seen side channel attacks in recent years.

    It's kind of like figuring out someone's password just by listening to them type, and matching the sounds of the keys to letter frequencies.  Takes forever - or 26 minutes, whichever comes first - but very hard to guard against.

    Encryption software can be rewritten to avoid the flaw, but that will make it much slower.

Minecraft Modpack Mayhem

Got my modpack to load and run smoothly on my laptop (i7-12700H, 16GB RAM, 2880x1800 screen, integrated graphics).

If you figure that each 1MB of mod will need 10MB of memory, you'll be pretty close.  I took an axe to the existing pack starting with the largest mods.  Sorry, Better Nether, but you were using close to 1GB of RAM all by yourself.

What Year Is It Videos of the Day

Opens today.

The trailer doesn't entirely sell me but this is a direct sequel to the 2021 Ghostbusters Afterlife and that was actually good.

Yep, that one is back too.

Things could be worse.

Disclaimer: Could be raining.

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