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  • Android 13 is here, bringing with it uh.  (Thurrott.com)

    Apparently you can stream certain things from a thing to another thing, and it has spatial audio support for headphones - it makes the sound feel like you're walking around in a room.


    I think the last Android release which was really a must-have was version 6 with adoptable storage.  Of course, most of the major manufacturers - particularly Samsung and Sony - immediately broke adoptable storage and leave it broken to this day, and Google's own hardware can't support adoptable storage because it has no storage to adopt.

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Disclaimer: A communist clock is still right once a day.

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1 Guys, let's pretend like it's still 1959 when we design our space stations, okay?  But not the 1959 that would have said our space stations are lame, let's go with the 1959 that would have said, "Hey, at least we actually have a space station.  Sure it's not what they're drawing in the madcap comic books, but what do you want for 15 or 20 billion dollars?  C'mon man!"

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, August 16 2022 09:26 PM (obo9H)

2 I guess the thought is "the basic design still works" even if it's full of flaws, and they may not have the knowledge and ability at this point to come up with newer designs.

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, August 17 2022 06:28 AM (BMUHC)

3 I'm offended.  It's just a larger tinkertoy Skylabâ„¢.  This is the sort of space station that we throw up there to have "Something Up There".  Well, now that we've established that, why can't we start making something that is actually designed to be something?  Like, oh , I dunno, an honest attempt at a real, permanent living space in orbit.  The ISS, and this Russian thing are rather obviously just generation 1.1.  I've always pictured generation 2 as being the stuff from 2001.  Rendezvous With Rama might be a few decades out, but let's us we us get going on this!
Reiterating: The Russians are showing models (dreams, if you will), and the models (again, dreams) are still the same old "Hey, we tried!  Can we get our participation trophy and a head pat, please?"

Posted by: normal at Wednesday, August 17 2022 10:07 AM (obo9H)

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