Thursday, December 23



My Adobe subscription* ran out again, and everything Adobe on my computer turned itself off.  Kind of annoying when you want to open a PDF - Acrobat Writer kicks Acrobat Reader out of the way when you install it.

So I ran the subscription tool and tried to renew, but the one I had installed is the CS4 version - I hadn't yet loaded CS5 - and it failed, saying it was unable to contact the server.  I tried again a few days later, and it failed again.

So I installed CS5 on top, with the serial number Adobe provided, and suddenly everything is alive again - not just CS5, but CS4 and CS3 as well.  Don't know how that works; maybe it's activated itself in 30-day-trial mode or something.

The ways of the subscription manager are subtle and not to be scruted.  But it's all happy and I can edit thingies again.  Have to reinstall all my plugins for CS5 though.

If they charge me for the two failed renewal attempts, though, I'll be pissed.

Y'know what?  Adobe should outsource their sales and distribution to Steam.

* Something only offered in Australia; you can get the full Design Premium suite, with all upgrades supplied for free, for a monthly fee based on an monthly or annual contract.  Given how frequent Adobe's upgrades are, it works out pretty well; my total expenses have run only a little more than the upgrade charges alone.  (I've gone from 3.0 to 3.3 to 4 to 5 so far.)

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