Tuesday, March 31


Well, Poop, Part 37 Or Something

The new Xeon 5500 dual-processor Nehalem has been announced.

So too - if you look hard enough - the single-processor Xeon 3500.

SuperMicro (and SoftLayer exclusively uses SuperMicro) have announced over 30 new Xeon 5500 motherboards.

And no new Xeon 3500 boards.  Meaning that all they have are their existing Core i7 boards, none of which support registered memory, so they're limited to 12GB.

Which means that to go beyond 12GB I'll still need to pay the dual-processor-motherboard tax of at least $100 per month per server - and then pay for the extra memory.

And the dual-processor CPUs themselves are substantially more expensive than the single-processor equivalents.

Dammit, SuperMicro, pull your finger out.  Even Gigabyte managed to get this one right, and they hardly have a presence in the server market at all.

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