Monday, April 27



rysnc 2.8 blows up with an out of memory error when asked to transfer 6.7 million files.

Well, crap.

The good thing about running something like RedHat Enterprise Linux (we actually run CentOS, which is a free distribution recompiled from the RHEL sources) is that it's stable.

Really stable.

Nothing ever gets frigging updated.  Bugs get fixed, particularly security and stability bugs, but it's still on Python 2.4.3, which came out about the same time as Julius Caesar's memoirs.

I do have OpenVZ installed.  So I can set up, say, a Fedora 8 VE, update rsync there, and use that just for rsyncing.

Not at 2AM though.

Update: Whoa.  Just hit the Minx restart/cleanup timer while posting this - right at 2AM - and got the "Service is not available" message.  I knew that in theory it could do that, but I'd never seen it before.  There you go.

One second later and everything is fine again.

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