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Daily News Stuff 8 April 2024

Late For The Meeting Edition

Top Story

  • All AIs are racist, but some are more racist than others.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Microsoft's Copilot gives you racial stereotypes in cartoons, which...  They're cartoons, people.  Though the Jewish boss with the bagel hat is certainly something.

    Anyway, it gives you racial stereotypes if you specify a race when you're generating a cartoon, so maybe that's your problem.

    Midjourney presents us not so much with racial stereotypes as temporal ones; I don't think it's been outside since 1952.

    ChatGPT just says fuck you and rewrites your request with a bunch of WASPs plus a token Asian chick.

    Meta AI actually does okay with this.  It pushes too hard on the diversity-at-any-cost side, but it also produced a sample image of a Jewish woman that is 100% believable without a single specific marker.  (The picture actually looks like someone I know.)

Tech News

  • AMD's Zen 5 mobile chips are coming this year maybe.  (WCCFTech)

    These will feature a mix of full-size Zen 5 and the smaller Zen 5c cores.

    Where Intel's smaller efficiency cores are a completely different design to their performance cores, Zen 5c is functionally identical to Zen 5, but squashed down and running at lower clock speeds.  At a given clock speed they perform identically, but Zen 5c is smaller and uses less power.

    Replacing mainstream chips with eight Zen 4 cores we can expect four Zen 5 cores plus eight Zen 5c.  Zen 5c could deliver close to the performance of existing Zen 4, so these should be deliver great performance and good battery life.

  • Spotify has demonetised all tracks that have been played less than 1000 times.  (DJ Mag)

    Spotify says that affects only 0.5% of tracks on the platform, which seems unlikely because (a) power laws don't work like that and (b) if that were the case they wouldn't bother.

    The UMAW puts the number at 86% which seems far more plausible.

  • The Opera browser now supports running AI locally on your computer.  (Opera)

    I don't know if I would trust Opera in its current incarnation.  It used to be good, but then the company was bought by Chinese interests and the entire development team walked out to set up Vivaldi.

Disclaimer: Squirrel!

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1 "According to a Spotify blog post, 99.5% of all streams on the platform are of tracks that have above that many plays, with the platform claiming that these tracks will now earn more as a result."

If only a small fraction of the streams were only getting a few plays, how will demonetizing those few result in freeing up enough money to increase royalties for nearly everyone?  I used to be on a forum that had a great acronym for stuff like this:  TDEMSYR, That Doesn't Even Make Sense, You Retard.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, April 08 2024 10:42 PM (BMUHC)

2 Well, see, they make up for it in volume.  Also, those 0.5% are probably all 14-hour prog-rock panflute solos that eat up something like 40% of the server space.

Posted by: normal at Monday, April 08 2024 11:44 PM (LADmw)

3 OMG, when you train a high gain 'bias'/'offensive content' detector, it triggers on literally everything. Wokism is not real intelligence, and needs official government guidelines followed for all implementations. (IOW, maybe the lackwits should not be doing their wishcasting theatrics in the public sphere. If it were up to all the university trained race war nutters, we would all already be dead.)

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tuesday, April 09 2024 01:58 AM (rcPLc)

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