Sunday, June 22


Not So Delicious Flakiness

I got an error notification from Minx (Minx emails me whenever there's an error) saying that the maximum number of open files had been exceeded.  I logged in and poked around a bit and bumped up the allowed number of open files.

Then I did a bit of testing, and Minx wasn't its usual sprightly self, even though the system was mostly idle, so I decided to restart it.

It had been running continuously since February 24.

And yes, there have been code updates since February 24.  Minx allows for code updates while it's running live.

What that means is not only can the system run, non-stop, for four months, even through code updates, but that none of my updates broke anything.

Also, because there are multiple background processes (each multi-threaded) and a front-end load balancer, I can do a staged restart such that the system is up even when it's being restarted.

Now back to hacking on 1.2...

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