Sunday, March 30


New In 1.2: Search, Filter, And Wiki

Three more BBCode tags on their way to you in next month's update: [search], [filter], and [wiki].

These make it easy for you to refer to related items on your own site.  [search=wombat] will provide a link to /search/wombat like this: wombat*  That will bring up a search page listing your posts that refer to wombats.

[filter=wombat], on the other hand, produces the link /filter/wombat: wombat*  The difference here is that instead of giving you a search page listing the entries, it displays the entries themselves.

Finally, [wiki=wombat] links not to Wikipedia (use [wp=wombat] for that) but to your own lovingly crafted wiki.  Or, if you don't have one, to whatever it can find.  The link generated is to /wiki/filter.w/wombat: wombat*  What this does is an exact title match on items in your wiki folder - or, due to the way Minx works, on your entire site if you don't have a wiki folder.

You can set up a wiki in a number of ways - as a category, as an area (more on those soon), or as a smart folder.  And by using a smart folder, you can merge results from any number of other Minx sites, to create your own meta-wiki.

There are some limitations in the 1.2 implementation of smart folders that make it hard to construct a multi-site wiki with clever navigation like you see at TV Tropes, but that will be lifted when I enable cached smart folders, which will be in either a 1.2 update or 1.3.

* Link doesn't work, because we're not on 1.2 yet.

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