Tuesday, May 20


Firefox 3

I thought they'd almost fixed the awful bar in beta 5; with RC1, it's back in all its craptastic glory.  It's the most completely worthless "enhancement" I've seen since Vista's "A program wants to do something!!!" nag screens.

In Firefox 2, if I want to go to Chizumatic, I type a c in the url bar.  That brings up Chizumatic (http://chizumatic.mee.nu), Cute Overload (http://cuteoverload.com) and other sites whose urls start with c.  I hit down arrow once or twice, and enter, and there I am.

In Firefox 3, the way it works is, well, it wipes all your history and doesn't do anything at all.  But after that, the way it works is, it brings up sites at random where the url or the title of the page or the name of the sites in your history or bookmarks or elsewhere in its tiny, confused mind, has a c in it somewhere.  Anywhere at all.  And displays two lines of text per site, so it wastes space and is much harder to read.

It's a complete pile of crap, and you can't set it back to the old way that actually worked.

Zero out of ten for style, and minus several million for good thinking.  Wonder if Innova Editor works in Opera yet...

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1 I consider the new history implementation a great enhancement in FF3. Type "chi" instead of just "c".

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Wednesday, May 21 2008 05:19 AM (qNSKg)

2 If that worked, it would merely be a nuisance rather than an abomination.  It doesn't work.

Presumably it's supposed to work after you train it for some unspecified period, but that's no excuse for it shipping brain-damaged when the previous algorithm was better than the expected trained result anyway.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, May 21 2008 08:44 AM (PiXy!)

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