Monday, December 24


What The Heck?

Minx just had a stroke.  Actually, it looks like MySql was at fault.  I just got five little "trouble at t'mill" emails, one from each of the Minx processes running, and when I checked in, my latest post was missing.

I bounced the MySql server, which made no difference.  Running a table repair on the database brought everything back, apparently intact.  And the last backup was only 45 minutes ago.  But still not very nice to see.

Nothing in the logfiles to indicate a hardware problem.  Bleh.

Update: Looks like Minx was going rogue and eating all the memory on the server.  Once all memory is gone, the next program to request some memory is summarily killed.  If that's Minx, no biggie; one of the other Minx processes will take up the slack and the dead process will be restarted automatically.  But if it's MySQL, bad things happen.

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1 ** M E R R Y ___ C H R I S T M A S ___ P I X Y **

Posted by: Old Grouch at Tuesday, December 25 2007 07:02 AM (iohd7)

2 One of the crossbeams gone out of skew on the treadle?

Merry Christmas, Pixy.

Posted by: tommy at Tuesday, December 25 2007 09:02 AM (1zIQP)



Don't you hate problems that leave no fingerprints?  Makes me want to wade in and reprogram everything with a sledgehammer.

Posted by: TallDave at Sunday, December 30 2007 08:50 AM (r1Ip+)

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