Thursday, August 23


Got You, You Bastard

CSS remains as retarded as ever, but I've managed to more-or-less defeat it.

The new layouts will break under certain specific circumstances:
  • You are using a footer, and
    • You are doing custom DOM manipulation with Javascript (and fail to call the provided function to update the layout) or
    • You modify the CSS to be variable rather than fixed width and the user resizes the browser window.  (I can fix this one.)
Also, if you are using a layout with two-column content, the second content column must come after the first one in your template.  Sidebars can be generated before, after, or between the content, but content columns must be in the order they are to be shown, left-to-right.

Apart from that, I think they work pretty well.  I'll have to test them some more and maybe add a couple of event handlers; I'll post the results tonight so you can see them.

I'm not going to make tomorrow's meeting now, since I still have to install the whole thing and parameterise the CSS, but there are no more roadblocks.  There can't possibly be; there's no more road.

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1 Sounds like a nearly impossible nut has been cracked. Good for you!

Sometimes I wish I knew more about CSS - then I realize I don't have time for it. If I knew something, I'd redo my site (well, likely not because I don't have the time for that either *grin*).

Posted by: Teresa at Friday, August 24 2007 12:51 AM (rVIv9)

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