Monday, February 26



Not so much reorganising the code to better fit the design changes, as reorganising the theoretical design to match the actual design.

We now have four types of site... And thirty-sixeight types of folder. (Standard types. You can create your own arbitrary folder types, but they don't get any system support beyond the usual template magic.)

So site types (blogs, wikis, journals, forums, and so on) are just packages you drop on to your main site; each such function is represented by a folder (or a set of folders). The type of the site is merely the type of the default folder for the site. Which is the way I implemented it from day one... but not what the design document said.

Throws a small wrench into my already monkeyed implicit containers, and I will need another database change or two. Plus, it adds, let's see, 3449 new template tags. No, that's not right, I forgot the dot-ops. Well, in total, there are now 6878 template tags relating to folder-level operations.

I did mention that they are highly orthogonal, right? Good.

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