Thursday, April 13


More! More! I'm Still Not Satisfied!

Need... Faster... Notebook...

Video editing on a Celeron M 1.4 is not a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, my choices are basically (a) a Pentium 4 notebook which weighs twice as much and has a 15-minute battery life, (b) a Pentium M or Core notebook which is 50% faster, tops, or (c) wait until there's a low-power version of Conroe.

Or (d), of course: Wait 'til I get home and run the job there. A Northwood Pentium 4 2.6 may be a long way from the latest and greatest, but it does chew through the video at a healthy pace.

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1 I can attest that the Pentium Ms rip through video very nicely. Thats rendering times of Vegas for my home projects. Not had to crank up virtualdub much.

Core Duos have been crashing through the $2K mark if your not too fussy about video card and screen res.

I'm waiting for Conroe as it handles virtualisation and alot of nifty other stuff.

Posted by: Andrew at Thursday, April 13 2006 08:10 PM (RWEVY)

2 Pixy, Have you figured out the trick to getting subtitles burned into the avi? I've been following the instructions given with AutoGK, but the preview refuses to show the subs no matter what combination of settings I use.

Posted by: Will at Thursday, April 13 2006 09:08 PM (Yx471)

3 I haven't tried it with AutoGK, since the DVDs I'm working with don't have subtitles.  I'm using VirtualDub with the subtitle plugin for mine.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, April 13 2006 10:04 PM (2wIOr)

4 Andrew, the big thing about Conroe (for video editing) is that it has a full 128-bit FPU, where every previous Intel chip (and AMD too) has only a 64-bit FPU.  Instant doubled performance on SSE2 code.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, April 13 2006 10:05 PM (2wIOr)

5 I figured it out. When you grab a single PGC from within a VTS, it indexes the subtitles from the beginning of the VTS independent of the PGC. So the subtitles that need to start a couple seconds into the short video clip were being delayed by a full three minutes. My 3 minutes 26 second clip thought the subs started 3 minutes 7 seconds into the file. I manually tweaked the subtitle file with a negative delay and everything is golden.   Now I have useful avi's of the Pretty Sammy TV omake *wink wink*   (Well only one so far, but I'm going to crunch the rest as time permits.)

Posted by: Will at Saturday, April 15 2006 12:00 AM (Yx471)

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