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  • The replication crisis is an ongoing problem in science, and particularly in medicine and psychology, where peer-reviewed papers that supposedly have a 95% probability of demonstrating a real effect cannot be replicated between 50% and 90% of the time.

    It turns out that AI is a cure for this problem.  (Stanford)

    When querying Google Gemini for medical information, half of the papers referenced do not even exist, and 90% do not actually make the claims Gemini reports.

    Cure?  Well sure.  If a paper doesn't exist, it can't be wrong.

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Disclaimer: The answer is bees.

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1 The problem with medicine is probably at least partly that students do not have time to sleep, much less actually think about what this or that paper actually means.  They are told to act on 'emerging research', but basically stupidly and indiscriminately.  (Also, the AMA has a lot to answer for.)

Psychology?  Yeah, modern psychology is basically fucked.  A few decades back, the academic theory of psychology understood that pathological or abnormal psychology was defined in a cultural context.  Problem is, the recent stuff takes as valid the LGBT studies folks, and their critical theory speculation about hypothetical other cultures.  So an ancient-super conspiracy invented the 'evil magic' of chastity, and if everyone avoids chastity, then all unhappiness and mental ills go away. 

From the political override of psychology, the malpractice of the trans push seems inevitable.  The recommendation of promiscuity seems to be the opposite of therapeutic for some people.  Some of the people invested in feminism or LGBT have no children, and additionally seem to have developed 'toxic seraglio personalities'; Those specific people appear deeply invested in maiming, poisoning or killing people who have children, and those children. 

The APA has a lot to answer for. 

The hydrogen gas is obviously related to a different tertiary theory issue.  IE, climate science was split off of metereology, and carefully insulated from any deep time scientific disciplines or human welfare engineering disciplines.  It is probably just a very special case of Petroleum Engineering and hydrocarbon reserves.  IE, the hydrogen is more or less supposed to be in the atmosphere, or boiling off, but algae subduction magma, and some of it got trapped by formations on the way out.  You would expect far fewer formations capable of trapping hydrogen, because H2 is tiny, and gets through almost everything.

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2 People choose to forget that today's modern psychology is a direct descendant of the forerunners who successfully passed off ramming a spike through the eye socket into the brain and twirling it around as an internationally lauded medical treatment for mental illness (aka "frontal lobotomy") and those who lead the asylums into such a horrific state that it became generally accepted that putting the mentally ill out on the streets, homeless, was the more humane option.  These so-called doctors seem to come up with new crimes against humanity every few decades and cloak it in a veneer of "respectability" which pulls in the educated gullible the same way their snake-oil forebears did.  The current gender confusion and butchering is just more of the same.

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