Tuesday, May 30


Daily Dose

Up now in the clips library: the opening and closing credits of Tweeny Witches (DVD version; edited down slightly from the original versions I posted), and the opening credits for Cutey Honey, Cutey Honey Flash, the Cutey Honey live action movie, and Re:Cutie Honey (spelling variable; since the creators aren't consistent I don't see why I have to be).

I'd like to add the credits for New Cutey Honey, but I only have it on VHS. If anyone out there has it on DVD, particularly if it comes with a textless version of the credits, please leave a comment.

Update: FNORD!!

Broadcast Machine seemed to be a bit slow doing updates of late, and even when displaying the galleries. It's supports MySQL, but you can use it without - after all, a simple text file should be fine if you're only going to have a few dozen items, right?

Well, evidently not, because when I reconfigured it to use MySQL just now it suddenly got much, much faster. How anyone could screw up the performance on such a small dataset so badly is beyond me, but they did. Well, that would all be of little import; just tell everyone to use MySQL. Except that if you switch to MySQL at a later date it randomises the sequence of all your files.

Fnord. Fnordling fnordy fnordness.

Update: Tried hacking the code. The database code in Broadcast Machine is mind-boggling bad. As bad as Movable Type. Possibly worse.

This is a common feature of open-source web apps. The people who write these apps don't have a clue how to cleanly interface with a SQL database. Of course, they're programming in PHP or Perl, so it's something of a case of "you can't get there from here", but the ways they find to make a bad situation worse can be entertaining. If you don't have to fix it, that is. And I do.

So far I've managed to break the channel display; none of my other changes have made the slightest difference. Why? Who knows. There are two different interfaces to MySQL, both of which replace the standard flat file storage system, which is in turn utterly broken.


Update: You know what the really great thing about Broadcast Machine is? When you try to upgrade or reconfigure it, and it infallibly goes wacko , you can downgrade it by reversing whatever you did - and get it back in a working state.

Update: Ye gods and little fishes! It takes THIRTY SECONDS for Broadcast Machine to pull 47 entries from a text file, sort them, and display the page. I originally thought it was my browser waiting for images to download or something, but no, it's taking THIRTY SECONDS OF CPU TIME. On a 2.8GHz Pentium D. It shouldn't be taking so much as thirty milliseconds.

Update: Back to MySQL. Enjoy your high-speed randomness. I'm going to bed.

Update: Apart from the fact that it doesn't work, it has this cute little trick: Every time you look at a listing of any of the channels, it sucks the entire database into an array. Oy.

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1 There are no fnords in this comment.  Or in this post.  You didn't see them.  Why would you even think they are there. 

Posted by: Wonderduck at Tuesday, May 30 2006 10:46 AM (zBXYv)

2 Broadcast machine isn't slow, it's pining.  For the fnords.

Posted by: Debbye at Tuesday, May 30 2006 12:05 PM (p9j1d)

3 Wait, you mean arrays weren't intended to hold entire databases?

Posted by: TallDave at Tuesday, June 06 2006 12:16 AM (H8Wgl)

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