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The first dozen AMVs are available now.

I've linked back to the creators' pages at so that if you like a particular video you can find what other work they've done.

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1 Okay, dozen and one. :)

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, May 28 2006 09:59 PM (Kd2WQ)

2 Angel Mambo is the only one of those I don't have on my harddrive. In many ways, Bebop 007 is the best AMV I've ever seen.  None of it (or all of it; it IS based on the 007 films, after all) seems gratuitous, and there are some very nice visual tricks in it (count the flashies). CHIHUAHUA! is certainly the best FIRST AMV ever, and I don't think I'm being hyperbolic with that statement. According to the creator, Elvis vs Anime was made almost entirely in Photoshop. I'm fairly certain I'd rather drop a live badger down the front of my shorts than try and do that. Engel might be the masterpiece of Kevin Caldwell (who was the first 'legendary' AMV creator, by all reports).  Pixy's right, the original video quality DOES bite the wax tadpole.  However, some bright young lad sat down with the original and the DVD set of Evangelion... and "remastered" it here. It's not a 100% perfect remake, but it is probably a 9977/100% perfect remake (I also posted a long 'critique' in his "Comments" section). Lord Of The Yen had my anime-disliking, LotR-loving stepfather rolling on the floor for all 9 minutes. Hale's Mom is very funny... and will probably be funnier once I see the anime it's based on, which by all reports is complete chaos. Greed vs Envy is a slideshow. A very cute, laugh-inducing, hand-drawn slideshow.  For some reason, the first time I watched it a year or so ago, it ran upside-down and reversed (but the music played normally)... which made it a little hard to understand. Nod Ya Head... Best. Trailer. Ever.    Good god, I've rambled.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Monday, May 29 2006 02:28 AM (+FLIL)

3 Thank you Scooter T. Wonderduck. :)

Lord of the Yen was also remastered by someone else. Elvis vs. Anime was done frame by frame, in photoshop... by a teenage girl.

Also, the opinion system at sucks.  I can't edit an opinion I gave earlier because I haven't seen the video? Piiiiiiss off!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, May 29 2006 04:12 AM (wKzTj)

4 Jungle Guu is indeed chaos; so much so that I never thought it would get licensed.  I have to go back and finish watching the second OVA and see if certain things ever get explained.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, May 29 2006 04:26 AM (wKzTj)

5 I'm not disagreeing with you regarding the opinion system at  They don't seem to take into account that someone just might have d/l'd an AMV somewhere else.  *shrug*   That being said, you've gotta love them for what they do.  Unlimited downloading of free AMVs for anybody who registers with them?  With only a small and unobnoxious begging page before your d/l begins?  Far as I'm concerned, they could have their opinions be in Sanskrit, written by weevils, and I wouldn't care.   "T." stands for "The."

Posted by: Wonderduck at Monday, May 29 2006 05:12 AM (zBXYv)

6 Oh, they're doing a great service.  But.  Ah, well.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, May 29 2006 05:33 AM (wKzTj)

7 It turns out that I had already finished watching the second Guu OVA series.  So I'm not likely to get any more answers from there.  But there were in fact answers, of a sort; not revelations but a little more detail to what was revealed in the original series.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, May 29 2006 08:41 AM (wKzTj)

8 I'd second the nominations of Right Now and Failed Experiments.

The LOTY is huge fun, but Osaka always is.

Pretty much anything Kevin Caldwell does is worth watching.  You've got his Engel up; if you haven't seen them, his Caffeine Encomium or his BAV video, Believe, are well worth a download.

On Your Mark is also worth one just to see what happens when someone pays Miyazaki to do an AMV.

Memories Dance, by Vlad Pohnert, is a nice homage to Miyazaki's oeuvre.

Other amvs, worth a look given an interest in their source material - to which they are, in some way or another, entertainingly faithful - include Desert Rose (Sailor Moon), Shellshock (Gundam 08th MS Team), Hale's Mom (Jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu), All Star (Irresponsible Captain Tylor), Dark Legacy (Bastard!), Liberation of Memories Past (Utena), Euphoria* (RahXephon), Endure (Now & Then, Here & There), and E Nomine Vater Unser (Hellsing).

*What, Euphoria is your chosen example of how not to do an AMV?  It's a choppy, chaotic, hallucinatory mess with more flash than substance?  So was RahXephon.

Posted by: HC at Monday, May 29 2006 11:10 PM (Bgud/)

9 Caffeine Encomium and Memories Dance are in the queue. Hale's Mom is up already. :) 

What, Euphoria is your chosen example of how not to do an AMV?  It's a choppy, chaotic, hallucinatory mess with more flash than substance?  So was RahXephon.

That's no excuse!!!!!

Technically it's not bad, but it's utterly pointless, and so manages to be both incredibly dull and extremely annoying.  I wouldn't care, except that it's also one of the highest-rated AMVs at

I'll take a look at the other ones you mention.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, May 29 2006 11:51 PM (FRalS)

10 I'll look forward to a second opinion on whichever you get to.  For my part, I'm certainly enjoying the chance to look at other's lists of things to see (Wonderduck, conveniently enough, has one up on, and between here and Don McClane's list have found several new to me, and to my liking.  The Wizard of Osaka and Guts, Prince of Denmark, are worthy joke AMVs, and both Bebop 007 and Sex & Caramel are simply excellent.  Another decent joke video is Lollipops, Sunshine, and rrrRRRrrr. 

I see that I let the previous list pass without mentioning Storytelling, by Absolute Destiny, or Bouncing through the Years (Gainax).  The latter is a decent tribute AMV, and the former is... quirky. 

If I'd thought about it I would have added Phenomenon (Princess 9) and Hmm (Hand Maid May) to my list of AMVs worth watching given an interest in the source anime.  I'd lay money that the former is closer to the sports story that SDB sought than what he got out of the series - but that's an anime on which our opinions differ, anyway.

Posted by: HC at Tuesday, May 30 2006 05:23 AM (Bgud/)

11 Oh yes, the Wizard of Osaka!  I have that here somewhere, and it's definitely one to put on the list.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tuesday, May 30 2006 06:19 AM (8tgWJ)

12 Pay no attention to my list on, it was made when I was young and stupid.  Or something.  I'll eventually get around to re-doing it, but watch for a real list over at, probably Tuesday.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Tuesday, May 30 2006 11:59 PM (zBXYv)

13 I just put up a quick list of what I consider seven essential AMVs over at 007 is the only one that's up over here, though.   It's not exhaustive, and it's not my "favorite videos ever" list, but they'd all be on my top 20, probably.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Thursday, June 01 2006 02:55 AM (zBXYv)

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