Friday, October 28


Through The Looking Glass

Every day the loony part of the left blogosphere complains about the tightly controlled, always-on-message nature of the center/right blogosphere. In fact, the only thing we have in common is that we think that the loony left is indeed loony.

But why do they think that we all get our talking points faxed directly from Lord Rove's office every morning?* Because that's what they'd do:

Movers and shakers in Washington, especially their younger staff, pay attention to blogs and, increasingly, seek to engage them. At the Democratic National Committee (DNC), chairman
Howard Dean, who pioneered the use of the Internet to raise funds for his 2004 presidential campaign, has set up an Internet Department to get his message out to the blogs.

"Sometimes there are stories that don't fit with our larger, overall national media strategy that we send out to encourage and motivate and engage people in the blogosphere," says DNC spokesman Josh Earnest. "It's hard to imagine how we could communicate with them so effectively without this new technology," he adds.

Quickly, now: Who's the chairman of the RNC?

Bzzt. Time's up. No, I don't know either. It wasn't on the fax.

* When of course he converted to email years ago.

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1 Ken Mehlman, actually. Fucker wanted me to help pimp Miers. The RNC sends out emails. It's just that nobody worth his salt pays attention to them.

Posted by: Mitch H. at Friday, October 28 2005 09:44 AM (iTVQj)

2 Ssssssh! Yeah, I'd heard the name, just couldn't remember. The only center/right blogger I can think of who's been pro-Miers is Hugh Hewitt, and he hasn't exactly been glowing, more accepting.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, October 28 2005 10:28 AM (QriEg)

3 And it appears that the Miers point has just become moot anyway.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, October 28 2005 10:44 AM (QriEg)

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