Wednesday, November 30


The Worst Website In The World

International Illustrator.

It makes an artform out of awfulness. Every page you stumble across scales unexpected pinnacles of unfriendliness. Apparently they have an online store. I sure as hell can't find it.

Look at this, which is a subsite of the above train wreck. There is exactly one link on the page, and it does nothing.

What the hell? I mean, seriously, what the hell? If this had somehow languished on someone's server since 1996 and I'd just now stumbled across it, I could understand, but the copyright dates are this year (and often, next year).

International Illustrator brings you all the best tubes, tuts, images, fonts, filters, tags and more!
Now you're just making things up. You sound like my granddaughter, and I know she makes that stuff up.

Minus thirty trillion Pixy Points. Reformat your server, install Linux and, say, Joomla, and start again from the beginning, because what we have here is a failure to communicate. [You were going to say something with the word "fuck" in it, weren't you? You could tell? Well, yeah.]

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