Sunday, January 23


The Karma Chickens Come Home to Roost

So, my other RAID-5 array has dropped a disk, and refuses to raidhotadd it back into place?

And my Windows system is oscillating between 30MB per second and 3, for no apparent reason?

Hmm. Still waiting for the other shoe chicken to drop.

I'm kind of impressed with one thing: CuteFTP is getting 35MB per second between the Linux box and the Windows box. Some of the time, anyway. Yay for Gigabit Ethernet, boo for pretty much everything else.

Update: Oh there we go. The drive went clunk and died again.

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1 You definitely need chocolate. Definitely.

Posted by: Susie at Sunday, January 23 2005 02:49 PM (vKvLT)

2 A real geek uses scp. CuteFTP is for AOLers.

Posted by: Rossz at Wednesday, February 02 2005 12:48 AM (n5Jbg)

3 Yeah, but... CuteFTP on Windows runs a hell of a lot faster than scp under Cygwin. Don't know why, but the difference is huge - a factor of 5 at least.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, February 02 2005 05:16 AM (+S1Ft)

4 ya pidoras, pizu chujie doors, zaabuzte moi url - a suda pishite pisma i spamte -

Posted by: ya pidoras at Tuesday, July 25 2006 06:01 AM (R/GHk)

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