Saturday, April 23


Law of Conservation of Blogging

It seems to me that for every good, smart, funny and/or sensible blogger, there is a mirror image, an alternate, shadow-world, goatee'd-Spock version, who takes on the same form but has the essence completely inverted.

I call this the Law of Conservation of Blogging: For every blogger, there is an equal and opposite anti-blogger.

Case in point: James Wolcott is the anti-James Lileks.

What blogger/anti-blogger pairings have you noticed? And what happens when they meet? Do you have an anti-blogger? Discuss. I'll be back Tuesday.

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1 Instapundit and Oliver Willis. Little Green Footballs and Daily Kos. Actually, anybody SANE and Daily Kos. Powerline and

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sunday, April 24 2005 01:16 AM (ds0+e)

2 The Anti-Idiotarian Rotweiller ( ) and the talking dog ( )

Posted by: Kathy K at Sunday, April 24 2005 08:20 AM (UJei3)

Posted by: phin at Sunday, April 24 2005 01:02 PM (DGPlf)

4 Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom Vs. Patriotboy of Jesus' General They both seem to appreciate one another's work. I noticed this during the Wizbang Awards.

Posted by: jess @ LOSLI at Tuesday, April 26 2005 12:41 AM (08OBg)

5 The really paranoid question: who's YOUR evil opposite? I shudder to think who mine would be.

Posted by: Dean Esmay at Thursday, April 28 2005 06:53 AM (zNte6)

6 ya pidoras, pizu chujie doors, zaabuzte moi url - a suda pishite pisma i spamte -

Posted by: ya pidoras at Tuesday, July 25 2006 07:23 PM (XGpjK)

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