Saturday, September 18


Where There's Brickbats

There must be roses. (What the hell is a brickbat, anyway?)

So, a big un-pox to the guys who wrote rsync, which un-sucks about as much as any piece of software could.

Oh, and likewise to the creators of Cygwin which lets me run rsync on Windows.

Hmm. "File has vanished". It's never said that to me before. Probably not a good sign.

Hmm hmm. Maybe I could delete some files? Half a million on this disk alone and still scanning like mad. No! Ack! Urk! What am I saying?! I haven't deleted anything since 1996 and I'm not about to start now!

Hmm once more: 741,241 files. On one disk. One out of... Uh, several. Rsync is now considering these 741,241 files, or so it tells me.

Hmm for the last time. I forgot how pathetically slow rsync is on Windows. Argh. Yuck. Bleah. Foo. This is going to take forever.

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1 Running *nix programs on Windoze is like humping your sister. It may feel good, but you know it's wrong. BTW, I ran across this note recently: "The problem with rsync hanging at the end of the transfer on Cygwin had been previously traced to a signal-handling bug in their compatibility DLL. This bug appears to now be fixed in DLL version 1.5.7-1, and Cygwin users are reporting that upgrading the DLL removes the hang-at-end-of-transfer problem for their existing rsync executable. (Note that this doesn't solve a hang that some folks see in the middle of a transfer -- using daemon mode instead of ssh can work around that one.)"

Posted by: Rossz at Monday, September 20 2004 01:03 AM (n5Jbg)

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