Tuesday, November 09


Trixie Told You

July 8, 2004:

Who won the 2004 USA presidential election?

The what? Oh, politics. I'll look it up. Hmm. It says "George W.
Bush". Does that sound right? It's in the chapter on the Great
Insanity Epidemic of 2005.

That, for those new to this blog, is my grand-daughter Trixie reporting by chronosynclastic infundibulum from the 22nd century.

You can put your trust in Trixie.

Other Trixie tips:

2009: Good time to buy shares in Electronic Arts.
2017: Avoid the border between California and Nevada. Better yet, avoid California and Nevada.
2049: Avoid France. Seriously.

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1 Can she look through the old newspaper archives and tell me what next weeks lottery tickets were/will be? I could use the money.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at Tuesday, November 09 2004 07:41 AM (OnNyU)

2 I hadn't read her piece before I posted. I see Jen has beat me to it. No fair!

Posted by: Rachel Ann at Tuesday, November 09 2004 07:44 AM (OnNyU)

3 I like the advice for 2049... Good ol' Trixie, looking out for us early 21st Centurions...

Posted by: Daniel at Tuesday, November 09 2004 02:17 PM (Oc6V9)

4 Easy enough--I'll just continue to ignore France, as I have been for all of my life.

Posted by: Victor at Monday, November 15 2004 03:46 PM (etHvD)

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