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The Politics of Sense and Nonsense

I'd love to read a book with that title - assuming it lived up to the title. Or even to write one, though it would take me a full year of work, because I'm not nearly well-enough informed on the subject to even consider writing it now. Either way, though, we need such a book, because the current issue of New Scientist* has a headline
Conspiracy threat to anti-nuke treaty
Who? China selling secrets to Pakistan? Pakistan dealing with Iran? North Korea and Syria?

Read the sub-head:

Secret swapping between the US and UK is undermining global stability
And ask yourself: What the hell kind of planet do these lunatics live on, anyway? The US-UK alliance has been the underpinning of whatever peace we've enjoyed here on Earth this past century - flawed though it has been. Remember World War I? World War II? The Cold War? The Current Unpleasantness? Hello? Mr Functioning Brain Cell? Hello?

They are allies, and more than that, they are the core of The Allies. And they both already have nuclear weapons, and they aren't sharing the information with anyone else, so it's unclear exactly how this is supposed to lead to proliferation.

The only bright point of the article is the reference to the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy. No, really, that's what it's called.

* Yeah, them again.

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1 ROFL!!! I think they must know the folks at Business Week...

Posted by: Susie at Saturday, June 19 2004 06:12 AM (0p8rw)

2 And by 'conspiracy' they mean something done publicly, where the masses are fully informed, and a great number of people are involved. Morons.

Posted by: Rusty Shackleford at Saturday, June 19 2004 11:38 AM (JQjhA)

3 It's not like I can't sleep nights because I'm tossing and turning in a fit of terror at the thought of the UK nuking Washington DC*. (* - We're working under the principle that DC getting vaporized is a bad thing. Hell, the only reason I don't want to see a mushroom cloud over NYC is because I'm in the most likely fallout drift path.)

Posted by: Xoxotl at Wednesday, June 23 2004 05:20 PM (Z8WZd)

4 When I start seeing videos of Liverpudlians beheading New Yorkers, I'll get worried. Until then, this could perhaps be THE stupidest thing I have ever read in a magazine. And I have read many, many magazines.

Posted by: Tman at Thursday, June 24 2004 12:56 PM (Fho+X)

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