Thursday, May 13


Danger Will Robinson!

For the new server (the 1.4TB server) we bought four Western Digital 200GB SATA drives, and added 4 200GB Western Digital regular-IDE drives we already had.

Two of the four SATA drives were D.O.A. and had to be replaced.

Now the filesystem has gone wonky and the data, as far as I can see, is totally trashed. Fortunately, we have copies of everything on other servers.

I'm running a scan for bad blocks on all the drives. Nothing on the regular IDE drives (so far), and literally hundreds on the SATA drives.

Either we've got a bad batch of drives here (I find it hard to believe that Western Digital is usually this crappy) - or these SATA controllers do not actually work, as such.

Update: If you put two of these SATA controllers in one box, everything appears to work fine until you actually start to use it, at which point the badness sets in. We hadn't planned to do that originally, but then Linux couldn't recognise the SATA controller on the motherboard and...

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1 LOL, but with compassion. I feel your pain. I haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about, but I feel your pain. I did understand the title, however. I could wave my upper appendages erratically, if it would help.

Posted by: Debbye at Friday, May 14 2004 11:50 AM (hPn8C)

2 Off Topic: How do you get a little icon to show up in Mozilla tab beside your blog name? Cool thingy!! I want one.

Posted by: Madfish Willie at Saturday, May 15 2004 01:16 PM (LbKVB)

3 You need to make a favicon and add it to the root folder of your web site. Just thought I would let you know that your site doesn't look good in IE. The right side-bar is half hidden by the centre section. I looked in firefox and it looks fine. The strange thing is that the colors were different in firefox and in IE.

Posted by: Blinger at Sunday, May 16 2004 08:21 PM (TaOxM)

4 Hi Blinger. Yes, I know about that. I will fix it... Soon. Really!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sunday, May 16 2004 09:35 PM (+S1Ft)

5 Err, how much were the WD 200GB's? I'm looking to upgrade my main box HDD's to free up a spare for the firewall (which is sitting on an ooooooooooold 2GB drive with a history of catastrophic failures).

Posted by: Chris C. at Wednesday, May 19 2004 12:48 PM (nQnkp)

6 Danger already has robinsonned.

Posted by: triticale at Friday, June 04 2004 02:32 PM (YmQkS)

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