Thursday, October 14


Coming Out Of The Woodwork

Richard Dawkins is a moonbat of the first order. And the editors of the Guardian are insane.

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1 Lord, that's freaking hilarious! It just proves that these Euro-Weenies don't understand the American mindset at all. I was sorry to learn that John Le Carre is a moonbat, though. Where can I get his email address so I can edumicate him?

Posted by: Susie at Thursday, October 14 2004 01:21 PM (ELTFA)

2 I've been fighting the IDists for twenty years myself, and I can still separate that from other concerns. Dawkins can't, and that's what makes him a moonbat.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, October 15 2004 03:46 AM (kOqZ6)

3 Pixy Misa, (sigh) You are correct, of course. I see it is my confirmational bias operating. I seek excuses to rationalize what he says because of who he is. :(

Posted by: jinnderella at Friday, October 15 2004 11:26 AM (1t+3g)

4 Le Carre is surprising but not Dawkins.

Posted by: J Thomas at Wednesday, October 20 2004 11:42 AM (PBdpb)

5 Man I hate this. I have so much respect for Dawkins, his writings, theories and views on Evolution...but he obviously has no true understanding of our Constitution or the true motivations of our nation and our President. If I read or hear one more person say that Bush says Iraq was responsible for 9-11, I'm gonna scream. It never happened. It just shows the ignorance of the writer/speaker. I would say to Springsteen "quit campaignin' and sing!" Dawkins "stick with what you know."

Posted by: jeg at Wednesday, October 20 2004 12:44 PM (ZgoAi)

6 pixy i don't stop by here much, and only because you laid a bomb in joshua's general direction in my neck of the internet. nice job. this post, and the links make me drink heavily. thank you. sip.

Posted by: seed at Friday, October 22 2004 01:52 AM (ttTCk)

7 Test

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, October 22 2004 07:39 PM (+S1Ft)

8 Test 2!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, October 22 2004 07:41 PM (+S1Ft)

9 Test! Test test!

Posted by: PixyMisa at Friday, October 22 2004 08:04 PM (+S1Ft)

10 Test this! *middle finger raised* :-)

Posted by: evariste at Tuesday, October 26 2004 03:29 AM (VuG4x)

11 I don't know, Pixy, the more I listen to Bush's supporters, the less I want to vote for him. If only there were an alternative...

Posted by: Kathy K at Tuesday, October 26 2004 08:53 PM (k7Edd)

12 Kathy, I'm not a conservative, and there are many subjects I disagree with President Bush on. And there are indeed certain supporters of the president that I greatly dislike. But the same is even more true of John Kerry. And there isn't an alternative. Either George Bush or John Kerry will be President of the United States for the next four years, and it's pretty clear which one would be a better choice.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, October 27 2004 03:06 AM (kOqZ6)

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