Thursday, September 23


Birthday Presents And The New Economy

So, as well as the huge party and all the money (thanks guys!), I also got several new computers, a house, a family, and a new job.

Curiously enough, all of them are virtual.

The party was on the MuNu forums (big thanks to Susie and Renata); the money was pengos, the Munuvian currency (slightly pointless since I own and operate the mint, but the thought is appreciated), the new computers come courtesy of Microsoft Virtual PC, the house and family come bundled with The Sims 2, and the new job is...

Well, the new job is interesting. I'm now working for an ISP again, after a break of several years. But I haven't left my old job, it's just that we now have an internet division. Except that we don't really have an internet division; it's all, well, virtual. All we do is run a web server and handle level one tech support* - and billing - and everything else just sort of happens.**

Strange place, this 21st century of ours.

* Is your computer turned on?
** Yeah, right.

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1 I wanted to decorate with black baloons and crepe paper, but Renata wouldn't let me! ;)

Posted by: Susie at Thursday, September 23 2004 11:37 AM (aGSjc)

2 We have several newly functioning old computers (Brian's tinkering with Linux again, stuck in VI and in pain) - does that count for anything? Sorry I missed the b-day - Happy belated birthday. hln

Posted by: hln at Friday, September 24 2004 08:55 AM (CWwGn)

3 I hope you had a really great birthday, Pixy! I'm sorry I missed your party.

Posted by: 2flower at Friday, September 24 2004 04:12 PM (bW9IA)

4 Sorry I missed the congratulations. Happy late birthday anyway....

Posted by: Ozguru at Tuesday, September 28 2004 12:06 AM (AJL/m)

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