Wednesday, May 19


Waiting For Inadot

Ina (of Hololive EN) slept in and missed her scheduled Minecraft stream - by two hours - and Kiara (also of Hololive EN) started her own stream and spent two hours roasting her.

With a cup of coffee in hand her virtual legs up on her virtual desk.  Only Live2D doesn't actually do that so the legs don't move when her body does - though they do move independently which is just slightly disconcerting.

Ina still has 15,000 people waiting after now two and a half hours, and Kiara's roast got over 30,000 live viewers.

I checked The Hololive Minecraft stream index, saw Ina had streamed, clicked on the link, and thought YouTube was broken because it was showing me the "waiting for livestream" message rather than replaying it.

Then I checked my YouTube subscriptions and saw Kiara had an ongoing livestream titled "waiting for ina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and guessed something was up.

Normally Ina's Minecraft streams start around 6AM Sydney time and are over by the time I'm free of morning meetings and have time to listen to something while I work, so this actually worked out well for me.

And Ollie is scheduled to invade the EN Minecraft server at lunch time.

Update: And now YouTube is broken at least in this part of the world, from Australia to Indonesia, and Ollie had to reschedule her invasion of the EN server for the second time.  Which wouldn't have gone entirely to plan anyway because she was logging into their old realms account and they've moved to a dedicated server now.

Also, this server - blogs, not Minecraft - is undergoing that weird distributed malformed requests attack again.  Seems to have recovered but the load average spiked to about 50 for a while.

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1 Oh...That means Ina's revenge will long in coming but spectacular.

Posted by: cxt217 at Wednesday, May 19 2021 12:27 PM (4i7w0)

2 Hopefully someone will do a "best of" clip that can equal Fubuki's epic "wake up, baba!" stream.

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Wednesday, May 19 2021 01:21 PM (v29Tn)

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