Tuesday, July 29


Unwell Australian Ratite (6)

I downloaded 39 CDs over the weekend. Legally. All paid for. From Charlie Parker to George Carlin, Motorbaby to Fairport Convention, Mozart to Thelonius Monk, They Might be Giants to, necessarily, The Pixies.

Some of it I'm not sure I like. But that's OK. If that's all I download this month (unlikely), it still works out to thirty-seven and a half cents per CD. Australian cents.

EMusic: They don't suck.

'Scuse me while I listen to Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl again.

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1 Bwahahahaha... Yeah, so I was poking around in their artist list, and looking what I found, at #7 in the top artists (by downloads, I guess).

Posted by: Chris C. at Wednesday, July 30 2003 11:09 AM (Y6Cy9)

2 Wow! I never knew the Chomsker had a recording career! I'll have to be very careful to make sure I don't accidentally listen to that! (Yeah, I noticed. But you don't have to download his stuff, and it's probably not infected the rest of the music...)

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, July 30 2003 11:24 AM (a1gWn)

3 Yeah, I just thought it was funny. err, and "looking" should be "lookie" :( Anyway, the classical selections are almost enough to get me to subscribe all on their own(*drool*), but there are a few other artists that I can't find on there...sigh.

Posted by: Chris C. at Wednesday, July 30 2003 11:34 AM (Y6Cy9)

4 Yeah. Also drooly if you're a jazz fan :) But they only have 17,000 albums, which isn't much on the scheme of things. A terabyte or so...

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, July 30 2003 11:42 AM (MB7Fq)

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