Tuesday, May 27


Seriously Wild Life

Horned Kangaroos? Who ordered the horned kangaroos? Come on, I don't have all day. Right. Giant marsupial lions? Who ordered giant marsupial lions?
The lion-like predator, which could stand nearly a metre and weighed about 250 kilograms, had a pair of retractable thumb-like claws to disembowel or drag prey up trees. But a reconstruction of one of its feet has revealed for the first time that all of the lion's digits were retractable, not just the thumbs.
That's so cool. You got opposable thumbs, monkey boy? Well, so do I, only I can disembowel you with mine!
Dr Long said the prize of the Nullarbor fossil specimens included a horned kangaroo: "It is an adult specimen with a very peculiar bulbous nose."
Yeah?! Well, same to you buddy!

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