Wednesday, April 30


Gotta Getta iPod

I gotta get me one of them iPods.

The new models are cooler than ever, even if the "dock" looks worse than useless. 30GB of storage, 6 ounces, 8 hours playing time. Connects via FireWire or USB; doubles as an external hard disk for my perennially full Sony Picturebook.

You can even play Solitaire!

Clearly, what Apple and/or Sony need to do is smoosh this thing together with the nifty Sony Clie NZ90, which wonderful as it is, is direly lacking in storage. Then add a multi-system cellphone and GPS and you'll have the ultimate geek gadget.

Except by that point it will weigh as much as my Picturebook, and still do less.

Never mind then. I'll just take the iPod.

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