Saturday, May 11


Daily News Stuff 11 May 2024

A Billion Biles Abay Edition

Top Story

  • Earth is facing a Category G4 geomagnetic storm.  (The Verge)

    That's just one rating lower than the Carrington Event which was so energetic it knocked out telegraph lines across Europe and North America - except for some that heeded the warning and disconnected power in advance, which were able to keep operating even without any electricity.

    What you can expect: Pretty lights in the night sky.  (Axios)

    Fiber optics are completely immune to this, satellites are shielded, and it's not strong enough to affect the power grid.

Tech News

Vtuber Music Video of the Day

Today it's Ayanda Risu and Aragami Oga's song Harapan PanPanPan, which is a Japanese / Bahasa pun.

Disclaimer: Risu is a squirrel, and her parents are Okayu and Korone, who are a cat and a dog respectively.  That's just how the Hololive family tree works.  Bijou and Kobo are each other's mothers.

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